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Title: The Magnitude of Marine Biodiversity
Authors: Bouchet, P.
Issue Date: 2013-12-12
Pages: 32
Abstract: Twenty-five years ago, scientists believed that the ca. 1.6 million species they had then inventoried represented maybe 50% of plant and animal species on this planet. New approaches in sampling insect diversity in rainforests and small macrobenthos in the deep sea have revised this estimate to 1.7-1.8 million described species and 10-100 million species remaining to be discovered. In parallel with this changed paradigm, species inventorying has also evolved from being categorized as an outdated scientific activity to a timely cutting edge mega science “enterprise”. The reason behind this change of attitude is probably rooted in our social anxiety over global climatic change and nonsustainable development. The crude translation of this anxiety into science strategy is that there is no time to lose if we want to document and name biodiversity before it is lost forever.
URI: http://afrilib.odinafrica.org/handle/0/4750
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